Under-appreciated method of accessing NEON data


Most users access NEON data via the Data Product Catalog, the Data Availability Chart, or even the Browse Data Page.

Little do they realize that there’s a power-user tool hidden in plain sight on the Data Portal home page

…did you notice the image is a link, too?

  • Want to see all available data from Guanica Forest? Type “guan”
  • Can’t remember the full name for “OKSR”? Type it in.
  • Need all data from the Northeast? Try “D01”
  • Impress the STEAC by accessing products by product number! Enter “00066”

Delight and amaze your colleagues at conferences by showing off your ‘data fu’ :open_mouth:

Ok, maybe not… :roll_eyes:


Thanks @dwardio – appreciate the suggestion.


Great tip @dwardio. Another great way to access data if you have enough “Data Fu” is by using the Data API, we’re working on an online Data API tutorial. If anyone is interested in us also hosting a webinar, comment on this thread!


For the API inclined, there’s some good info (and a bit of a sandbox in
which to explore) on this page…


Btw, the reply was sent directly via email rather than logging into


I love the data API – it’s a great way to get exactly the data that I want.