LAI - CSV from the camera data

Hey everyone!

First of all… what an AWESOME project you guys are doing! I can’t believe i am even asking for “data” with all that is available.

Wanted to know though, is there a .csv file of LAI processed from hemispherical photography?

I saw that you allow accessing to the images through a link, perhaps i can automate something on your own server that way, but i was curious if that data is available somewhere

Thank you!

I already set up a script to go fetch your hemispherica photography and to use Otsu threshold to process it.

I’m a bit stranded in how to adapt the “normal” approaches for using fisheye lens to the products you have available on site.

Any recommendation?

— meanwhile i created a working script — (very unclean)

Hey Nuno,
I’m working to find someone to answer your questions. Apologies for the delay, this forum has been inactive for a period of time so has not been monitored regularly. You can also direct questions to our website. Thanks for you interest in the program and we’ll be in touch, Alycia


No problem, meanwhile i set up a script to fetch your data and process it so now i have some good thousands of LAI measurements hehe. Would be cool to compare with someone’s data if you find someone!

Is there any other place similar to this forum where people using NEON data interact in?

See you

Hi Nuno,

I am the NEON scientist responsible for the LAI Digital Hemispherical Photo data product and apologies it has taken a few days to see your question! The short answer is that NEON does not offer an LAI number derived from the photos. Although an actual LAI product was initially envisioned, it was descoped in consultation with NSF during the NEON construction period due to budget and schedule constraints. However, I have worked extensively with the European GBOV group to derive LAI from all the photos we collected between 2013 and 2017 (if I recall correctly), and these LAI numbers are posted for free on the GBOV Copernicus page: ; a publication related to this work is currently in review at Remote Sensing of Environment.

If you download the same images that the GBOV group has analyzed, you should be able to compare and see how the numbers derived from your script compare with those derived by another group using the same input images.

Hope that helps!
Courtney Meier

Oh a pety, i processed only 2019 to time it with the S2 data products. But will look into it at a later date though!

Thanks for answering!
see you!

Hey Nuno,
You may want to visit our GitHub page: You can also contribute code resources at this location: We’re working towards developing / relaunching an online community forum as well and we’ll be advertising that on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Thanks, Alycia