About the Using NEON Infrastructure category

NEON Infrastructure includes the following “Assignable Assets” that available upon request for PI-driven research and environmental studies:

  • Mobile Deployment Platform (MDP): A self-contained suite of sensors, power systems and data logging capabilities for capturing atmospheric, soil, and aquatic based measurements.

  • Sensor Infrastructure (SI): Includes infrastructure to support physical instrument systems or arrays for collecting environmental data from automated sensor suites

  • Observational Sampling Infrastructure (OSI): Gives researchers access to NEON sampling locations or to biological samples at NEON sites before they are archived

  • Airborne Observation Platform (AOP): A suite of remote sensing instruments mounted into a twin otter airplane for collecting airborne data.

Details are available on the NEON Website.

When do you think the MDP (portable flux towers in particular) is likely to be available? What kind of tower heights are possible?

Hey Ankur,

The MDP is available for request now. Tower heights between ~2 m and 30 m are possible.

Hope you are well!